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Demonstrate your commitment to the environment and elevate your workspace with one of our rental living trees.

Biodiversity Conservation

Renting Christmas trees helps mitigate carbon emissions associated with tree farming and disposal.  This in turn contributes to biodiversity conservation by supporting the local ecosystem.

Fosters Festive Atmosphere

Rental Christmas trees are the perfect way to infuse eco-friendly, festive fun into your workspace, making it a memorable experience for everyone who walks through your door.


Renting supports sustainability. The trees continue growing post-holidays, reducing the environmental footprint associated with cut trees. Living trees serve as natural carbon sinks, absorbing CO2 and playing a role in climate change mitigation.

Employee Well-being

Interacting with and being around living plants  enhances overall wellness.  Participating in tree decorating or naming activities promotes team work and a sense of belonging.

Environmental Responsibility

Opting for a rental Christmas tree supports sustainable practices and demonstrates corporate social responsibility.

Community Engagement

Partnering with a local tree rental service shows support for small business and local growers.  It communicates your commitment to sustainability to clients, partners and employees.

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