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Why rent?

A living Christmas tree keeps on giving
After Christmas, your living tree goes on giving, when we take it back to the farm, consuming carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen into the environment.

Around 2.5 million Christmas trees are chopped down each year

Every year in Australia, an estimated 2.5 million beautiful Christmas trees are chopped down for the festive season. A few weeks later, they end up on our nature strips, dried, brown and sad, and usually too big for green bins. It’s inevitable that many will end up in landfill, releasing potent methane gas during their decomposition.

Think about this. The Carbon Trust estimates that just one 2 metre tree in landfill has a carbon footprint of 16kg CO2e (greenhouse gases), which is the equivalent of driving 65km in your car!

What about artificial trees?

Are artificial trees a good alternative? You’ll need to reuse the same tree for around 12 Christmases before the carbon cost of their manufacture is paid off. And even if you use it constantly, year after year, the day will finally come when it will have to go to landfill, where it will stay for the next 1,000 years!

A living Christmas tree makes so much sense

A Holly and Berry forever tree at Christmas makes so much sense. It’s a living, breathing tree that spreads its magic and joy to everyone, asking only a little drink of water in return.  All of our trees have been carefully nurtured from seedling so you’ll have the perfect tree to decorate – and love.

This holiday season let your tree be a symbol of hope, growth and sustainability.  Reserve your potted Christmas tree today and be part of a movement to make a difference.


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