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We recommend that you read all our frequently asked questions carefully, so you understand what’s involved.

If you have a question that isn’t answered here, send us an email at and we’ll get back to you as a priority.

1        Do I need to water my tree?

Yes. Like all living things your beautiful tree needs water to survive. On the day of delivery, provide your tree with half a litre of water. Set a daily water reminder on your phone. Soil should feel moist to touch but not overly wet. If it seems a little bit dry, give another half a litre of water. 

2        Can I change the pot it came in?

No. Please do not remove your tree from its pot. It has been hand planted in its pot and grown with undisturbed roots. And it would like to stay that way. 

3        Can I decorate my tree?

Absolutely! And we would love you to send us a photo to share on our website and social media. However, remember that it is living, so please don’t try to cut or shape your tree. It really doesn’t like it. And please don’t spray artificial snow from an aerosol on our trees as they will not be able to breathe!

4        I am going away for part of the Christmas period. Does this matter?

Yes, it does - unless you have someone to look after your tree. Otherwise, if it’s for a longer time period, let us know when you’ll be going away and we’ll happily come and collect your tree from you.

5        Do you offer a decoration service?

Yes we do. Please contact us on to book one our available slots.

6        How does delivery and collection work?

There's always the DIY option or you can arrange delivery and collection through us. Click on our How it Works  for more details.

7        Are we able to have the same tree back next year?

Absolutely! Name your tree and make it part of the family. Let us know and we will tag it when we collect it and it's yours to rent again next year. One word of caution, it will be about a foot bigger!

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