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By choosing to rent a  living tree you are sure to add a touch of green to your celebrations for years to come! 

Eco-Friendly Choice

Renting a living tree is a sustainable option. After the holidays, our trees are returned to continue growing, reducing the environmental impact seen with cut trees.

Feel good festive fun

Renting a living Holly and Berry tree lets you enjoy the holiday spirit while being kind to the environment. It can also be a fun way to teach children about environmental responsibility.

Kinder to our planet

A living tree is a fresher and cleaner option than an artificial one.  And as they grow, our Holly and Berry trees absorb CO2, helping to offset your household's carbon foot print.

Convenient and hassle free

Choose the hassle-free option this holiday season. Either collect your tree from us or let us deliver it straight to your door.  Enjoy your tree without the worry of messy disposal at the end of it . Return your tree or let us collect it and we'll ensure it continues to thrive, ready for action next year! 

Options! Options!

 Holly and Berry trees look great in all different spaces. Choose a living tree that perfectly fits your available space.  They are ideal for the spacious living room, apartments or homes with limited space where a full sized  tree might be impractical.

Engaging with local community

Renting a Christmas tree is a powerful way to support your local community and foster connections. Holly and Berry is engaging with local events and clubs to encourage sustainable choices and local community ties.

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